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The Rune-Heroes Commandments
08-01-2010, 08:23 PM
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The Rune-Heroes Commandments
Rule 1: Double Posting

Double post, this means post two or more posts one after another, if you must, edit your post using the edit button. If you do double post multiple times, your post will be deleted, and you will be warned. Eventually if you keep mocking us by doing it more and more we will ban you.

Rule 2: Profane and Harmful Content

All people that post threads with profanity in the title or within the thread as content itself, will be given a warning. If seen again doing the same thing, you will be banned.

You are also not allowed post any links containing adult content, death, or harmful files. Doing so, will result in a ban from the forums.

Rule 3: Flaming Others

Do not flame others via the forums, everyone here deserves respect and this is not tolerated. Flaming/arguments will be stopped quickly, and the users engaged in the flame will receive warnings and eventually bans.

Rule 4: Spamming

Any pointless material that is posted on the forums will not be tolerated, it will result in you receiving a warning, and your thread being closed.

Rule 5: Sexual Harassment

Rune-Heroes does not tolerate this in anyway, both men and women are equal. Please don't joke around too much about this, because some take it very seriously. Depending on the severity, will result in a warning/ban.

Rule 6: Impersonation of others

There shall be no impersonation of Jagex staff, Rune-Heroes staff, Runescape members or anybody else. This will result in you being permanently banned from the site.

Rule 7: Discrimination

Being discriminative to anyone on the forums is not allowed. You will be banned for 3 days if any kind of discrimination is in your post, private message, picture comment, etc. This goes for:
Religious intolerance
Just keep it to yourself.

Rule 8: Plagiarism

Anybody caught stealing somebody else's work will have their thread deleted and account banned for at least 5 days.

Rule 9: Advertisement / Websites

Any websites that may contain harmful content is banned, websites with appropriate content are allowed in signatures or off topic sections only. If you advertise, you'll be given a warning.
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